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Kickawesome photography to give you confidence to show up authentically online



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if you’re ready to take your brand, yourself, or your products seriously…. I’m your girl!

Personal branding photography tells the story of who you are and what makes your brand unique. These sessions are for those who are ready to look legit! 

Headshots don’t have to be boring! They are about showing off your personality and style! Great for updating your profile on linkedin, facebook or even tinder! 

Because you’re sick and tired of shooting your own product photos & haven’t been getting the sales you want…You’re ready to call in the pro!

Hey, I’m Heather!

I’m here to help you show off your superpower and create some kickawesome pictures without all the stress!!!



making you feel comfortable being uncomfortable is my superpower

I get it… being in front of the camera is my least favorite place to be too.. but together we’ll make it less scary. In fact… all my clients say they actually had FUN!


We're gonna make a plan... so you can just show up and be You!

It might feel like a lot of work at first but I promise you this is the key to making your shoot day fun and less stressful!  


I love all things enneagram!

The enneagram is a great tool for helping you figure out who you are and why you do what you do… I’m an enneagram 7w6 which means I have serious fomo and I love to be spontaneous… and I value relationships aka I wanna be your friend! (like for reals)

These are exactly what I needed to up-level my business and online presence! You made the shoot fun and relaxed so I could just be ME! You’re seriously so gifted at what you do.”

Kristin Sokol, Dating/Relationship Coach

I was scared to get my picture taken. Then Heather did my brand shoot. Best time ever. My stress melted away. She is relaxed, fun & down-to-earth. She had me laughing & having fun, she made me feel like a star.

Shannon Eggleston, Life Coach

“I didn’t even know where to start. You helped me figure out my branding and how I can use these photos. You are AMAZING and totally get me and made me feel comfortable.

Holli Tharp, Personal Organizer

You’ve got something freakin’ amazing to share with your clients but…


Finding photos to post on social media takes forever… who’s got time for this?


Your website has outdated photos that aren’t on brand… so its not converting. 


You don’t post photos of yourself so your clients can’t get to know you!

You wanna’ know what you need?

You need a personal brand! 

People are curious and nosy…they want to know who they’re talking to… and working with. Understanding that will help you show up authentically and connect with your audience.

A personal brand is basically YOU….

You are your superpower!

Show them who you are beyond your job title. Tell them why you do it, what you do… and what makes you different from everyone else. Let them in to see all your quirks and things that make you weird. 

  • What if your quirks were your special sauce to finding the right clients?

  • What if you show up consistently with on-brand photos that show that off? 

  • What if you had a stockpile of images so you don’t have to wonder what to post?

I can help your brand look legit so you can up level your biz!!!

So… what are you waiting for? Let’s Chat!

ready to look legit?

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