lifestyle headshots


We’re gonna have some fun getting real smiles and NON AWKWARD looking photos… Its time to stop putting it off!

Fun headshots for anyone who’s ready to finally love getting their photos taken!

Let’s take the fear out of photoshoots and have some fun!!!

Tell me if I’m right…

you know you need updated photos but you keep waiting  till you lose the weight, find the perfect outfit, have the time…

You hate the way you look  in photos. They never capture a real smile…and you never know what to do with your hands!

You don’t need to stress anymore! I’m here to help you feel confident and kickawesome at your next photoshoot!!!

I promise…its gonna be fun!!!

Hey, I’m Heather.

I help create genuine photos of you, without the stress and awkwardness.

I’m the queen of awkward.

I know that feeling when the camera is in your face and you have no idea what to do. I’m a freakin photographer but when it comes to my own photos.. I freeze. I either freeze or I just laugh awkwardly and hope they got something good.

I’ve stressed while getting ready for my own headshots… what to wear… how to do my hair… makeup… all the things!!! But you know what? It doesn’t have to be so hard!

The number one compliment I get time and time again is this:

“Heather made me feel comfortable in front of the camera”

Its kinda my superpower.

So don’t worry that you have no idea how to pose… what to do with your hands…that you don’t know what to wear or that you want to “hide that extra little covid weight”.

I got you!


headshots don’t have to feel stuffy and awkward!

you can have fun and feel comfortable!!! 

lifestyle headshot photography

But what would I use them for?

  • Updated social profile pics
  • Company headshots
  • Dating profiles
  • business cards and websites
  • Just for fun!


Photos that show off your personality


headshot sessions are perfect for you if…


You're tired of your boring profile pic

You’re ready for some updated photos that are from this decade. You know I’m talking to you!

You just want quick headshots...not a whole production

You don’t have props or multiple locations or lots of outfit changes. This won’t take much planning you just want me to tell you how to stand so you don’t look lame!

looking for something more???

You might be looking for a personal branding shoot!!! They are more customized photoshoots that show off your business and what makes you unique! If you’re looking for something a bit more in depth than a basic headshot click the link below to find out more!

Fun headshots for anyone who’s ready to finally love getting their photos taken!

Basically, these sessions  are designed to help you feel comfortable and have fun so that you can finally love the photos of yourself!

I know you’re really a freaking rockstar and you deserve to have the confidence to show that off!

additional fees for travel and Studio rental

*The mini must be booked with 4 or more people (price per person)

Have questions?

Get some A’s to your Q’s
I'm super awkward at posing.. will you tell me what to do?

YUP! I’m pretty good at helping you know what to do with your hands and how to stand to make you look your best!

How much help do I get with my outfits?

I love helping and giving suggestions on what to wear! I’ll give you some great tips in our prep guide after you book!

Can I just book a mini session on my own?

My mini shoots are great for companies who want headshots of their team… for a group of friends who all want to do headshots together… or I will sometimes I’ll schedule a day of mini’s and you can just do your own thing that day!

Where do you shoot these?

I can come to you at your business… we can find some cool spots outside… or we can rent a studio!

Do you provide hair and makeup?

Since I travel all over utah  to shoot headshots… I don’t offer hair and makeup in my packages but I can suggest some great hair/makeup people!

What if I have a whole bunch of props?

If your shoot is more involved with props and different set ups… then you’re probably looking for a personal branding shoot instead! 

IMAGINE YOURSELF IN love with your photos!

I’m ready! Let’s do this thing…


It’s time to update that photo…

Don’t let fear hold you back from getting some pretty kickawesome photos! It’s never the perfect time…just do it. I’ll help you overcome your awkward stuff…I promise!