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 for brands who are ready to take their biz to the next level!

You know you’re a

total rockstar at what you do…

But let me guess… ?

you’re not showing your face online very often ’cause you hate  the way you look in pictures and you can never find a good one to go with your post 

you know you need updated pictures but you dread having to plan what to wear, figure out all the photos you actually need, plus you never know how to pose without feeling totally awkward

You know you have so much to offer your people but they don’t take you seriously because your feed is all over the place and they’re turned off by the outdated amateur look of your website

Hey, I’m Heather and I’ve been there…


When I started my photography business I felt clueless on how to even run a business. I’m pretty sure I was just wingin’ it most of the time. Back then, I had no clue how important it was to have a personal brand. I was hiding behind a random business name, and I rarely showed up on social media except to show off my recent work (boring!). In fact… social media was so overwhelming I basically ghosted my instagram and facebook pages.

But then a few years ago I joined a business mastermind, and hired a business coach. I changed my business name to my actual name… and totally rebranded. I started learning how to grow my own personal brand. I’ve taken courses, worked with coaches, read books, built a new website, and even had my own branding photos taken! (I think there’s a reason I like being behind the camera!)

So I get how awkward it can be to get your photos taken! It’s a pain in the butt trying to figure out what to wear, where to shoot, what props to bring, how to pose, where to put your hands… the list goes on! But I’ll tell ya what… A kickawesome personal brand is exactly what I needed to bring it all together and catapult my biz to the next level. I finally feel confident to show up online and guess what? People started taking me and my business seriously!


    I realized that just being myself was my superpower

    And…if you show up authentically the right people will find you!

    Having a personal brand gives you the confidence to show up and connect with your people!


    A personal brand photography session will help grow you business and you’ll start feeling like the kickbutt business boss that you know you are!  Here’s a few perks about working with me….

    • you’ll get a stockpile of images to pull from for social media… thats ON brand and looks profesh
    • your ideal clients will start to know YOU and who you are and your little quirks that make you unique… (know like and trust baby)
    • updated website photos so you wont be embarrassed to send people to your website anymore
    • a stress free photoshoot that will make you wonder why you put it off for so long
    • plus we’ll have a good time!


    You’re so ready for this…

    If you’re reading this right now then I’d be willing to bet that you’ve…


    got a pinterest board and screenshots of some great ideas but you’re not sure how to pull them all off and thinking about doing a branding shoot seems too overwhelming to plan it all and you don’t know where to start


    You’ve been showing your face, cause you know its important… but you’ve tried the DIY route to save some money…the pictures aren’t great… and they don’t really match your brand vibe


    You’re ready to take this biz seriously and you’re ready to invest in yourself and your brand!

    A branding shoot with me will give you not only freakin awesome images you’ll love BUT also a stress free and fun experience thats gonna show off YOUR personal brand! It’ll feel so freaking YOU … and thats just what your biz needs to level up! 

    Kickawesome Images for the entrepreneur who’s ready to uplevel their biz

    Basically, personal branding photos will help you show up authentically so that you can finally look legit and attract your ideal client!

    I know you’re really freaking good at what you do and you deserve to feel confident. 

    That’s why I’m here.

    Here’s how I’ll take your brand from blah

    to feeling like a rockstar…

      Step one

      Book a call

      Yep! You know you wanna work with me… you’re ready to book! Great… first we’ll hop on a call and go over all the cool stuff about your biz! We’ll chat at make sure we’re a great fit and start planning some cool stuff for your shoot!

      step two

      Plan + prep

      The planning is the most important part to make a kickawesome shoot! Once I get your questionnare and pinterest board I’ll create a shot plan that will walk you through each step so its not overwhelming!

      Step three

      HAVE FUN

      This is when all our hard work really pays off! You’ll come ready, relaxed and confident… at least you will be in a few min after we start shooting I promise!

      Don’t take my word for it…

      “She put me at ease in front of the camera”

      Heather is an incredible photographer. She sent me extensive intake forms to get an understanding of my business, my brand, and my vision. She was so helpful getting ready for the shoot, even helping me pick out my outfits and set up the shoot. 

      Heather has a gift for making you feel comfortable! She is so easygoing and fun that the whole event was enjoyable for everyone involved. She put me at ease in front of the camera which resulted in amazing, natural shots that represent the true heart of my business and work. 

      My brand photographs are stunning! I have used them in rebranding my website, on my social media posts, and all of my email communications with my clients and students. She gave me a consistent look that everyone is impressed with. All the marketing professionals I have hired since working with her are stunned by the quality of my photographs. 

      Heather is a true professional in every way!

      flowing tree yoga therapy


      Breck + Co.


      HIRE HER, I promise you won’t regret it!

      Working with Heather is seriously amazing. Pictures can be really stressful, but all of my brand shoots that I’ve done with her have been a breeze.

      She helped me plan out my outfits, I started a shared Pinterest Board with inspo of some shoots I liked, and she put her own amazing twist on them. 

      Heather also has a way of making you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin and makes you laugh. She over-delivers and there seriously is no one better. 

      It’s so nice not having to worry about what I’m going to post because I have amazing, on-brand photos that show my true personality so I can show up authentically. 

      Heather is seriously so much fun to work with, and her pictures might even be even better than her personality. That is up for debate. HIRE HER, I promise you won’t regret it! 

      I appreciated Heather’s attention to detail

      I’m ALLLLL about efficiency. I want things to always flow, and our shoot together worked perfectly, we had a whole team, plus different setups and outfits, and it all just went off without a hitch! The photos not only turned out great, but we had fun while doing them. I appreciated Heather’s attention to detail and eye for what was best for the team. I loved having this off of my hands, nothing was forgotten.

      Almost my entire website is featuring pictures that Heather took! I love the consistency, the fun, and the marketability of each and every photo! I am really playing into who I am as an entrepreneur and who my ideal clients are to attract who I want to work with, and it starts with images!

      hirschi creative


      what you get in each package


      Image opportunity analysis of your website and social media


      Custom shoot plan in an easily accessible online platform


      Image library with commercial usage rights


      but wait…. there’s more… 

         your choice of one of these juicy bonuses   

      Instagram 9 grid

      A mockup of photos from our session in a 9 grid with tips and suggestions for using them in your posts!

      website mockup

      A mockup of your current website with images from our session to give you ideas of how you can use your pics to add value to your brand!

      Imagine all the stress taken out of your next photo shoot!!!

      I’m convinced !

      Wanna’ see an example?


      Check out a few OF MY CLIENTS here
      Get some A’s to your Q’s
      how will we plan my shoot?

      It all starts with my in depth questionnaire. From there I’ll take a look at your website and social medai channels and complete a brand analysis that will help me understand how you are currently using imagery and make recommendations on where we can improve. That will be the guide for planning your session. Things to plan include, location, what stories to tell, outfit ideas, props, etc.

      How much support do I get with planning my wardrobe?

      If you know me at all… you know I’m a fashionista. (insert sarcasm here) but I do have a great eye for what works looks great in photos. I love helping clients narrow down what to wear for each story we’re telling. If you just want someone to tell you what to buy and style it for you then I recommend hiring a stylist … they’re well worth the investment! (I’ve got a handful that I can recommend)

      Should I do my own hair and makeup?

      I suggest all my clients pamper themselves with hiring a hair and makeup artist to work their magic on you! It takes away so much stress… they know how much makeup it takes in photos to make you look amazing. It’s money well spent…I promise! But since I travel all over for my sessions it makes more sense for you to book your own. I do have some great recommendations though! 

      what about finding a space or location?

      Many times clients will want to shoot in their home or office. Sometimes though we work in a poorly lit corner of our basement and we need to create the idea of a nice clean office setting. So there are co-op office spaces, studio rentals and even house rentals we can use that matches the vibe of your brand. Just note…. the rental fee for these spaces are your responsibility. We will discuss options in your planning session.

      What is your style of shooting what if it doesn't match my brand?

      My style is bright, clean and fun. I edit pretty true to color. But I can always edit to match your brand if your style doesn’t match my editing. I can also create a Lightroom preset for your photos so your images are consistent when you post. There may be an additional fee for these edits though… since it takes some time to tweak everything just right!

      How will the images be delivered?

      I use a protected online gallery where you’ll be able to download your images, save favorites and share with friends for help deciding which ones you’ll pick! 

      How Can I use my Images?

      Your session fee includes a commmercial usage license allowing you permission to use the photos on your website and social media outlets. Any magazines, publications, or other brands/orginazations interested in using the images should be referred to me to purchase a use license.

      How Logn does it take me to get my images?

      It usually takes me about a week after your shoot to post your images to your online gallery. From there you’ll make your selection and I’ll go through and do any final touchups as needed. But really…most of the time the images are good to go! And… if you’re. ina rush… just let me know before the shoot and I’ll do what I can to accommodate special requests like that!

      How early should I book my session?

      I’d recommend at least a month in advance of your targeted shoot date. This will give us time to plan your session and secure any locations that may require a reservation fee or permits. And it will give you time to book your hair and makeup, and get all your outfits!

      What about props?

      I have a handful of props that I can bring if they match your brand and shoot plan. Most of the time its up to you to bring the props that match your brand…. but it’s probably stuff you’ve got already! I can however purchase props for your shoot, and I’ll just invoice you for the cost plus a small fee for my time.

      Do I have to credit your work when using the images online?

      Nope. Your license doesn’t require credit when posting… but if you wanna I wouldn’t mind!


      It’s time to look legit…

      Its time to stop hiding. Stop looking amateur. Its time to take your business serioiusly and show up as the rockstar you know you are!  You deserve to invest in yourself. Together we can show off your superpower and level up! 

      I’m ready to show up confidently