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Hey, I’m Heather.

I help create genuine photos of you, without the stress and awkwardness to show your best self online.

A headshot session is perfect for you if…

You can come up with your own somethin’ somethin’ to say here if you want, or just delete the text and only use the bullet points. No rules!!

You're tired of your boring profile pic

You’re ready for some updated photos that are from this decade. You know I’m talking to you!

You're not ready for a full branding session and you just want headshots

You don’t have props or multiple locations or lots of outfit changes. This won’t take much planning just tell me how to stand so I don’t look lame!

If you're looking for something more??? you might be interested in a branding shoot

Branding shoots are customized photoshoots that show off your business and what makes you unique! If you’re looking for something a bit more in depth than a basic headshot click the link below to find out more!

you know you need updated photos but you keep waiting  till you lose the weight, find the perfect outfit, have the time…

You hate the way you look  in photos. They never capture a real smile…and you never know what to do with your hands!

You don’t need to stress anymore! I’m here to help you feel confident and kickawesome at your next photoshoot!!!

I promise…its gonna be fun!!!

additional fees for travel and Studio rental

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